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MSA British Autotest Championship

The UK's premier Autotest Championship was introduced in 1969 and 2015 will its 46th consecutive year.
Autotesting is a low speed, high skill sport and is the ideal discipline in which to learn car control.
Colin McRae started his car driving motorsport career by winning a regional Autotest Championship, Trevor Smith a double MSA Autotest Champion went on to become a National Rally Champion and Russ Swift, again a double MSA Autotest Champion, has starred in many TV adverts and has his own Driving Display Team.
Twenty five drivers have shared the trophy over the past 45 years with Peter Grimes holding the record of 5 wins.

Congratulations to Alastair Moffatt who returned to the MSA Championship after a two year break and took FTD at his home event the Foxley Autotests.

Staffordshire Knot Autotest Regs on the 17th May and the Juniper Autotests on 31st May are available to download.

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